Promises to Keep

The action went extremely well this morning. I'm working on getting some video and the few pix I took loaded into the computer so I can upload them here.... Who knows how long this might take? Sorry, but I am on it...

Meanwhile, please take time to read this moving Op-ed by John Cory at Promises to Keep. I had the honor of making a sign this morning for Bailey, a Viet Nam Vet. He told me he was spitting mad about the news (not) coming out of Walter Reed Med Center. I made him a sign that said "Who Will Answer For Walter Reed?"

If you couldn't join us today, you have another opportunity tomorrow. We'll be there at 3pm. Please, come hold a sign, pass out a flyer, be a part of the body count. We heard from Waxman's staff that he is moving toward defunding. We have to let him know that we will have his back if he does it. No one can accuse him or us of not supporting the troops if we defund this war. Defunding is the only way we can bring them home now, alive, and take care of them when they are here.

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