Support the Troops – De-fund the War

In February or March, an appropriations bill will come before Congress seeking approximately $130 billion dollars to continue the war in Iraq

Congressman Waxman can hold hearings, debate and even pass legislation on the war, but none of these will bring the war to an end. Congress’ real power lies in their control over funding for the war and their ability to cut off funds except for those that are needed to bring our troops home quickly and safely.

Unless Congressman Waxman acts, the war will continue. The Bush administration has made it clear that they have no intention to end the war and bring our troops home.

Congressman Waxman must vote against any further appropriation that will continue the war in Iraq

De-Funding the War Does NOT Mean De-Funding the Troops

In September 2006 Congress approved $70 billion for the Iraq War. This is enough to bring the troops home quickly and safely. And if we send more money to Iraq again, how can we trust this administration will spend it on the troops anyway?

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