Why an Action at Waxman's Office?

A few people have asked why we are planning an action at Congressman Waxman's office. After all, he is a good, consistent liberal and a hero right now with his committee's investigations of the Iraq war profiteering and his efforts to shine a light on the mishandling of the rebuilding efforts (who can get that image out of their heads of cargo planes full of cash being transported to Iraq or Paul Bremmer handing it out by the millions in brown paper bags?) We should be thanking him for that. And we do. Thank you Congressman Waxman for the long over due investigations. Thank goodness you are at the helm of the very important Oversight Committee. You are the only member of Congress that has the right to issue subpoenas and we are grateful that such a serious responsibility is in your hands. And because we have trusted you all these years Congressman, to represent us, your very liberal constituents, we want you to know how strongly we feel about this war and how completely opposed to it we are. You see, Congressman Waxman seems to still need a push to cast his votes to be in line with his verbal opposition to the war. He has publicly said that he is against the occupation and the escalation, but also that he is not for redeployment of the troops or defunding the war. Right now, this is still George Bush's War, and sadly, it is being waged in all of our names. But if this Congress votes to keep funding it, then it becomes their war, too. Henry Waxman's war, Adam Schiff's war, Howard Berman's war, Jane Harman's war. We hope that a bold 2-day action will help him understand where his constituents stand on the issue of the war - we want our troops out of Iraq and we want to stop funding George Bush's War! Join us to help Henry Waxman hear us and represent us!

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